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McClendon Martial Arts has been voted Northern Kentucky's BEST martial arts program for two years in a row! 

Led by Michael McClendon, a third generation martial arts enthusiast, McClendon Martial Arts blends traditional karate with modern techniques that empower students of all ages.

McClendon Martial Arts students learn the fundamentals of the discipline, mastering a fusion of self-defense moves and take-downs while learning healthy lifestyle habits, gaining confidence, building self-discipline, and understanding the importance of ethics and integrity on and off the mat. Teens and adults will practice effective techniques for punches, kicks, blocks, take-downs, and building cardio endurance, with classes designed for interests that range from staying generally fit to preparing for world-scale sparring and cage fighting competitions.

Our members consistently earn national championship titles in several circuits, including the World Karate and Kickboxing Union and World Karate and Kickboxing Commision. Our team has also competed internationally in Wales, Ireland, and Canada.

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Children as young as three years old can join our Little Spartans program to learn martial arts basics, including discipline and perserverance, while having fun and making new friends. Children ages 6 and up learn more advanced skills while improving their strength and stamina and focusing on building a positive mental attitude. Children and teens have access to learning a variety of weapons forms and combative weapons, and train with the area's elite instructors in point sparring and kickboxing.


Our adult classes are designed for all skill levels, from those looking for basic self defense and strength/endurance training, to those who wish to compete at the international level in point or continuous sparring. We have a highly intense MMA program which provides the opportunity to compete at the highest level in everything from cage matches to representing Team USA in international competition. 

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Our champion instructors are not only leading our curriculum classes, they are also available to assist members in 1:1 training sessions to provide more personalized instruction. Sign up for private lessons to build unique training plans to accomplish any goal from building your general health to preparing for world-level competition.

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Founder, 4th Degree

Michael began his martial arts journey at age 3. He is passionate about teaching others because he believes it prepares them to overcome all obstacles you face in life. He enjoys working every day to develop himself and his students to be their best versions of themselves.


Certified, 3rd Degree

Mike has been practicing martial arts since age 3, and sees the practice as not just a hobby or sport, but a lifestyle. that sharpens ones' mental and physical capabilities and empowers students to fight against evil. 

Angela McClendon

Assistant, 3rd Degree

Angie loves martial arts because it allows her to help others develop their own skills and it is a great way to make new friends. Angie has been practicing since she was 37, proving that every age is a great age to learn new skills.

Jacob Haas

Assistant, 3rd Degree

Jacob began his martial arts journey at age 7, quickly developing a passion for sparring. He most recently took first place in Continuous Sparring at the 2020 WKC regional tournament in Toledo!

Jamie McClendon

Assistant, 2nd Degree

Jamie loves using martial arts to contribute to something larger than herself. She began practicing at age 19, and her favorite part of instructing others is to help them become people of outstanding integrity.

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3rd Degree

Will began practicing martial arts when he was only three years old. He enjoys extreme weapons, and likes coordinating fight scenes. He loves to give back to the martial arts community by helping students improve their own skills.


2nd Degree

Addi only started martial arts at age 7, but has already made her mark by competing on Team USA in the WKC world championships in 2019. Her favorite part of martial arts is sparring.

Keira Webb

2nd Degree

Keira started martial arts when she was 8. She likes practicing martial arts because it gives her a good set of moral codes to follow and teaches respect and determination. Her favorite part about martial arts is board breaking and weapons.

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8109  Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001


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